National Sport of India

India’s national sport has been a topic of debate for many years. The most popular Indian sports include Kabaddi, Hockey and Cricket. India also has other less known sports such as Kho-Kho, Polo and Jallikattu which are also played in some parts of India.However, the national sports are usually decided by the national government, but India is governed by a federal system with 28 states and 7 union territories. This means that each state can decide on its own national sport, which causes confusion among citizens and athletes alike. However, we will take a look at some of India’s national sports to see if there is one answer that fits all.

Cricket in India

Cricket is one of India’s national sports because it was introduced to India by European colonists who came to India for trade purposes during Britain’s rule from 1858- 1947 (Raj 2010). The national cricket team for India has won several world cup titles and was ranked 2nd in the world according to the International Cricket Council (ICC)

It has been in the national sports of India since the time before Indian independence in 1947, and it has continued to be a national favorite for many Indians ever since. Why? Cricket requires less equipment than other popular sports like soccer or basketball, so it is more accessible to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition, cricket can be played on any type of terrain as well as during any time of the year, which makes the game very flexible and easy for people who don’t have access to expensive sporting facilities or fields with turf grass. A significant part of the popularity of cricket has come from television coverage. Most homes in India have access to television, and they have tuned in to see the popular matches.

Every year numerous events are held to celebrate this popular game. Cricket World Cup, Indian Premier League (IPL), Indian Premier League (IPL – Champions league) and the World Twenty20 are some of the most watched and rated sports tournaments in the world. 

The game of Kabaddi

The game of Kabaddi has always been in the back bones of every true sports enthusiast. It was a part of the oral traditions preserved by the men and women of Lucknow, now in modern-day India. 

As a popular game, kabaddi has seen great advancements in its adaptation to different conditions and playing standards across different communities and countries. However, despite these variations, the game of kabaddi remains largely popular among people in India. Kabaddi has enjoyed immense popularity even outside the Indian borders, where it is played in the form of a hot dog on the roadside stalls in France, Germany, Italy, and the UK. It enjoys immense popularity with youngsters who find it difficult to get enough physical activity throughout the week. With more children and women taking up kabaddi as a sport, it is sure to enjoy a steady rise in popularity in the years to come.

Kabaddi as a sport has also reached international audiences. World cup teams like the UAE have taken up the sport and trained extensively in it. Even soccer legends like Diego Maradona and Pele have endorsed the game as a great way to keep fit. Some international players have also expressed their love for the sport through their participation in various games of kabaddi.

For many generations now, Indians have taken to the game not just as a way of physical fitness but also as a way to keep themselves entertained, along with keeping themselves fit culturally.

In many regions of India, especially in the southern part of the country, it has become a part of the daily routine to play a match. Schools also organize organized tournaments at different intervals for children from different age groups. Today, it has spread to other parts of the country like Punjab where it has become a national sport.

Hockey in Indian National Sport Life

Another one of the most loved sports in India is Hockey. Hockey is a very popular sport in the state of Orissa. The game is played between two teams and is played on an arena called a hockey court. The teams wear uniforms that include red, white, and blue clothes and helmets.

As Hockey was introduced in the country, there was great interest shown in the sport and many clubs started to be formed all over India. Hockey caught on quickly and then it was popular all over India. Many Indians became passionate about the game and the government encouraged the game to be played on a regular basis. 

Several hockey teams were formed and maintained a strong reputation in the Indian hockey scene. These teams became Hockey’s competitors in international tournaments and even reached the finals several times. Sport’s popularity increased when professional hockey players like Dhyan Jairam and Mahesharth Kapoor played for the Hyderabad Flyers in the IHF (International Hockey Federation) tournament. India was the first non-European team to participate in the Hockey World Cup and went on to win the tournament seven times; they were also crowned champions at three consecutive Olympic Games from 1928 until 1956. 

Another reason why hockey is popular in India is that many people follow the action live on television. A large number of Indian hockey fans are very passionate about hockey and regularly watch the game. Hockey’s popularity has led to numerous promotions and merchandise sales. Numerous hockey enthusiasts visit the arena to watch the game and many even travel to other countries to watch the game live on television. Hockey now has offices in New Delhi and Mumbai and several coaches and trainers have been appointed to work for the hockey team. Recently, the Delhi airport has also started allowing hockey coach flights to be booked and the demand for hockey tickets is high.

There are various Hockey events taking place in the country as well as abroad. Competitions in hockey are held during Christmas and New Year. Numerous hockey clubs have been established in the last one decade or so and the hockey equipment used is always of the highest quality. Most of the hockey gear is provided to the team. The only thing required from the hockey players is to turn up with the required accessories and make the best use of the facilities provided.

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